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Posted By: GUEST
11-Sep-09 - 07:19 AM
Thread Name: Child's Game: Elastics
Subject: RE: Child's Game: Elastics
I remember a version without rhymes.

There are different moves from 1-10. ONce you complete the moves the elastic goes highter (from ankesl to knees, to thights to waist.)

1) Jump over rope (onsies)
2) Jump in with your feet straddling one of the "tramlines" jump again so you are straddling the other tramline. (twosiese)
3) oo | |   (left foot, right foot, elastic) Start in this positions.
Jump hooking the left tramline with your right foot and jump over the right tramline. You will end up straddling the right tramline with the left hooked over to create a triangle. You then jump and twist 3 times making sure you maintain the triangle shape with the elastic.
4) Jump on so both feet are on the tramlines. Jump in, jump on, jump in. Then out.

I've fotgotten the rest. Can anybody fill me in?