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Posted By: Mr Red
07-Sep-09 - 06:31 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Camcorder video format
Subject: RE: Tech: Camcorder video format
Panasonic and JVC are both part of the Matsushita group - surely.
DV used an AVI format called AVI DV. AVI was basically akin to BMP frames interlaced at 30 (or 25) fps. AVI DV uses spatial compression so it is akin to JPG frames.
The Everio (as far as I can see) uses MPeg4 (or the DivX variety thereof) which is a temporal compression. It encodes frames in a lossy compression over time. Key frames of a fuller (JPG) content occur at intervals that the subsequent temporal compression is based on.

All this means that if you are doing any editting AVI is your best chance of not loosing quality at each generation. AVI DV is a good substitute. MPeg4 means you get degredation on each generation of fancy editing (like squishing and titling). If you notice it, try getting the video into AVI first and then editing. Render down to MPeg4 when satified. Combining clips does not affect the quality so edit in short runs and if in AVI (or DV) it is essential because of the size of files and the rendering time.

With HD camcorders this should be less of a problem - hence the marketing push with them. Personally I would tolerate a camcorder that was harder to use if it allowed better resolution/quality when editing. I looked at the Everio as a potential purchase but can't remember why I didn't like it. Is it HDD? and all the gyrosopic problems it could have? HDD has the capacity, SD cards have the edge and you can buy a few of them, prices are falling all the time.