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Posted By: MGM·Lion
30-Aug-09 - 12:23 PM
Thread Name: What did you do in the war, Ewan?
Subject: RE: Folklore: What did you do in the war, Ewan?
Many thanks, Jim. I really do take your points on board by determined empathy with your pov, which I respect, tho, as I said also to Jim McLean a couple of posts back, not one I share. Hope we may return to this point when you get back. Would also value your comments on my other post above, about Ewan's [I think] unreasonably picking a quarrel with my friend John Brunner over something John never wrote, which I posted in good faith in response to your having explicitly asked for evidence that Ewan could be something of a 'bastard' [your word]. Have a good week!!!!

{THREAD DRIFT coming up: My friend John Brunner [now alas dead some 15 years], mentioned as sci·fi writer, was also a poet and an early CND member; and was author of words of CND's acknowledged anthem, The H-Bomb's Thunder ["Men & Women Stand Together", to tune of Miners' Life Guard]. I was there when he wrote the first draft. He could not sing a note, so asked me to sing it back to him to hear how it sounded. So I can claim to be the first-ever singer of that song which went on for years being sung by all those thousands [nay, probably millions!]on the CND marches - and probably still goes on indeed...}