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Posted By: Paul Davenport
14-Aug-09 - 03:43 PM
Thread Name: love the young people writing folk
Subject: RE: love the young people writing folk
Flashmeister writes; 'In my mind Folk is music of the people, it draws it's relevance from personal situation, zeitgeist phenomena and the ripples that exist in a all tells a story, so how do these young folk musicians like me not do that, in some people's opinions, with self-penned that can sit happiy alongside trad tunes? '

This is not meant as a snipe but just an observation; is it okay for me to play a bit of Mozart in the session? Am I okay to sing the opening aria from Wagner's 'Flying Dutchman' (in German) in the singaround? Both matter to me, both are part of my personal musical experience. Are they therefore, in your opinion folk?

Now to your question, if you write a modern tune that would be recognised and approved by an early 19th century audience you're writing in the tradition - if your tune is recognisably 20th century with all the nuances such as 'blue notes' which have entered our musical culture in the recent decades then you're probably writing in a different tradition. Funnily enough, the 'Arts' don't ask this sort of question - apparently we folkies do. Just keep on being yourself and let time judge - that's another sign of 'traditional' practice I believe.