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Posted By: matt milton
14-Aug-09 - 07:03 AM
Thread Name: love the young people writing folk
Subject: RE: love the young people writing folk
"I fear that a lot of younger performers genuinely are put off by the stuffy and sometimes deeply critical side of the folk scene and because of that they are on youtube playing instead of down in the sessions and clubs where they could gain more valuable and practical knowledge than a bunch of yay or nays on a computer screen could ever give".

All too true.

However, the one thing you really really really have to remember is to take anything anyone says on a website with a massive pinch of salt.

People write far more critical things online than they ever would say in person. I find that there are plenty of people who come across as terrible pendantic curmudgeons online who 'in real life' turn out to be warm, welcoming, friendly, generous and much more open-minded than their posts suggest.

9 times out of 10, a heartfelt, well-performed, original 'singer-songwriter' song will go down just as well at a floorspot at a folk club - even at a very traditional one - despite the sort of thing you might read on some comments.