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Posted By: Flashmeister
14-Aug-09 - 05:54 AM
Thread Name: love the young people writing folk
Subject: RE: love the young people writing folk
I like what she is doing, there is potential there and constructive criticism can never hurt.
I am afraid i do have a bit of a bee in my bonnet though.....
I'm a young person writing folk and performing contemporary and trad. folk (I await the barrage as I confess on some trad songs i have adapted the tunes *wince*) One thing that strikes me is how wretchedly, wretchedly condescending a lot of folkies can be towards people like me. Is it not in the very spirit of folk to take great songs and translate them for today, for the narrator to put their voice to them, make them relevant again? It should not be the preserve of a bunch of die-hard pedants huddled together backs turned against any form of evolution of songs and tunes and, God forbid, have people, to misquote from above, make things up out of their own heads and dare to call it folk.
In my mind Folk is music of the people, it draws it's relevance from personal situation, zeitgeist phenomena and the ripples that exist in a all tells a story, so how do these young folk musicians like me not do that, in some people's opinions, with self-penned that can sit happiy alongside trad tunes?   
Apologies for the slight rant but it really does bug me that performers like myself tend to get a pretty raw deal in a lot of folk circles where as some tone-deaf old git doing a hackneyed Fields of Athenry is being 'folk'.
I fear that a lot of younger performers genuinely are put off by the stuffy and sometimes deeply critical side of the folk scene and because of that they are on youtube playing instead of down in the sessions and clubs where they could gain more valuable and practical knowledge than a bunch of yay or nays on a computer screen could ever give.