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Posted By: Geoff the Duck
29-Jul-09 - 07:47 AM
Thread Name: IMPORTANT--about lost posts-to save them
Subject: RE: IMPORTANT--about lost posts-to save them
Here's a trick that I have found useful when working on a Windoze computer for temporarily saving text until I have done somthing with it.
Open "Notepad", type a couple of carriage returns so you have a blank document then click "save" (or "save as"). When you get the "choose where to put it" box, select the "Desktop". Name the file "Mudcat Posting" and save it. This gives you an icon on your screen. If you double click, it opens a re-usable notepad ready for your mud-jottings.
You only need to do this once. When needed, just open it, if there is an old message there, click "Ctrl-a" then Delete, to remove the previous text and then write or paste your message. If it is just a temporary storage until you are certain the posting has arrived in the thread, there is no need to save what you have just typed, just close it when done.
If, on the other hand, you are composing a long reminiscence of important post you want to double check before sending, you can click "Save" and it will be there on your desktop where it is easily found, and waiting for your return. Double click the desktop icon and you have your Mudpost back.

I have on occasion found it useful to do the same for other purposes - "Jobs to do" lists, "Phone messages", "Random thoughts" and the like! - It is much quicker to open a pre-saved notepad on your desktop than it is to find the programme, open it up, and decide where to save the resulting file, then waste half an hour trying to find where you saved it to the following day.