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Posted By: VirginiaTam
28-Jul-09 - 02:13 PM
Thread Name: IMPORTANT--about lost posts-to save them
Subject: RE: IMPORTANT--about lost posts-to save them
yep very frustrating to lose your work.

I try to remember to that if I want to do a long post or respond to several posters, to start in notepad. I shrink the mudcat (browser) window, so I can scroll through and read on the left side of screen and type into note pad on the right side.

That way, if mudcat fumbles I have original to post later when it returns.

Reminds me of a joke my mom told me.

God was really stressed and tired with managing the universe for aeons and wanted to take a weekend break. So he called Jesus and Satan to a meeting and told them "Which ever you provides me with a sufficiently convincing essay as to why you should be in charge, will get to rule the universe while I am away."

So Jesus went into his giant super executive office with views of the heavens and Satan into his stuffy, dirty little cubicle in hell and both started click click clicketing away on their PCs. They worked for about 6 hours, when all of a sudden the power went out all over the universe.

For a moment there was absolute silence and the power came back on.

The clicking resumed in Jesus' office. But all hell broke loose in hell with all manner of profanity and crashing of objects and explosions.

Know why?

Because Jesus saves!

I'll just get me horns.