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Posted By: Bill D
28-Jul-09 - 12:56 PM
Thread Name: IMPORTANT--about lost posts-to save them
Subject: IMPORTANT--about lost posts-to save them
Sadly, several people were upset last night as they composed long posts, then discovered Mudcat was down when they tried to 'submit'.

I was also composing one for the 'Global Warming' theead in the BS section. I tried for 30 minutes to send it, and then had to do to, I opened a new text file, highlighted it (Ctrl-A), copied it (Ctrl-C), pasted it in my little file in "Metapad" (you probably use Wordpad or something) and saved it with a name I wouldn't forget.
This morning, I just copied it out of that file, went to the thread, pasted it back in and ZOOM!.....

To add a bit....sometimes, even when Mudcat is not 'down', a post will not 'take' for some reason. No one has ever quite explained exactly why this happens, but all you usually need to do is save the post, then go to the menu and hit "reload"...NOT 'refresh' in the Mudcat page!! (in some browsers, even saving is not necessary, as text is remembered until the browser is closed, or you 'reload' the page.)

"Reload" puts an entirely new copy of the current Mudcat page in your browser's cache
Now you can paste the post back in, or simply use the 'back' button to where the post may still be 'remembered', and go ahead and hit 'submit' again.

These tricks really, really's unfortunate that we have to use them, but technology doesn't always play fair....