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Posted By: JHW
12-Jul-09 - 01:39 PM
Thread Name: Thyroid and Vocal Chord Inflammation
Subject: RE: Thyroid and Vocal Chord Inflammation
Thanks very much to all. I didn't reckon I had a reflux problem but the ENT periscope guy asked if I ever had heartburn which I do now and then. MSG certainly gives me heartburn as does a week on pasties and beer at Sidmouth. Never thought it a condition - just took Sainsbury's Rennies if needed. A veggie for 25 years I do lots of veg and liquid. Not much beer of late as I've stopped going to Folk Clubs with not singing.
I have ordinarily no pain - just if I try to sing it stirs up the sore chords towards coughing so I don't do it.
VirginiaTam - Long before this episode I had pain in my neck. From chin down the front to collar bone. The Fates are determined to stop me singing and I was seeing (different)ENT about sudden (mid song!) deafness and asked about the pain in the neck.
Immediate response was that it was caused by poor singing technique. I protested that I'd sung since a toddler but the reply was that many get away with it so long then it catches up. The ENT dept. had ready a list of singing teachers so that's how I started with a teacher who confirmed how many had come to her with serious neck pains even contorted neck to minimise pain. That neck pain has long gone but I have kept up the lessons.
Kent Davis - my acid treatment was Omeprazole 20mg daily for 6 weeks then further periscope inspection in another 6 weeks, now due in a month. For the record my Levothyroxine is 75mcg a day.
I find lots of folks I know (all women) are on Levothyrixine and their experience is up to two years to be right. (I did not of course ask their symptoms)
Thanks again all, John