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Posted By: Escamillo
29-Jul-00 - 09:50 PM
Thread Name: Acronym dictionary?
Subject: RE: Acronym dictionary?
In the late 70's I was software support for DEC (Digital Equipment Corp.) in Venezuela. We were receiveing the visit of one of the main DEC gurus, and suddenly a serious error message appeared on screen. Among hex numbers and lots of acronyms, there was one who catched my attention: NFF. In less than a second I reacted and claimed loudly "Oh, no, it's again !!" - "What ?" inquired the guest . "No Fuckin' File." said I, staring at the screen with a very serious expression.
I still remember is face, and later his laughter attack.
One of our favorite ways to stupidly waste time with my sons, is the fast invention of a meaning for TV acronyms, for example:
HBO : High Bullshit Organization
TNT : To Not Think
CNN : Coño(*), No News (*:Spanish profanity)
Un abrazo - Andrés in NETD (Nothing Else To Do)