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Posted By: Rumncoke
06-Jul-09 - 08:59 AM
Thread Name: Thyroid and Vocal Chord Inflammation
Subject: RE: Thyroid and Vocal Chord Inflammation
I have to take 200 micrograms of laevothyroxine every day, and I have sleep apnea so use a CPAP machine which blows air into my nose to keep my airway open at night.

I am very sensitive to carbohydrates, so I do Atkins - lots of water loads of fresh veges and salads, natural sources of protein, alcohol very rarely, no artificial flavours colours or preservatives.

I sing fairly well - at least, people ask me to sing more than once.

I'll never sing soprano, but then, I never did.

Despite having very low levels of thyroid hormone in my blood before it was confirmed, despite suspicions and regular testing over several years, I never had acid reflux, that I know of.

Perhaps the two problems are simply concurrent, not connected?

The slower healing process which low thyroid causes should return to normal-ish soon after you are fully topped up with the tablets.

Although your thyroid medication might require slight tweeking before it is stabilised, perhaps there is some other reason for the reflux and that needs some work now?

Anne Croucher