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Posted By: JHW
05-Jul-09 - 03:39 PM
Thread Name: Thyroid and Vocal Chord Inflammation
Subject: Thyroid and Vocal Chord Inflammation
Can anyone reassure me that my vocal chords will get better? At Christmas 2008 I had a seasonal cough but when that went I found still that singing made me cough. I couldn't sing, not a line.
Alongside this my Thyroid was found to be underactive so I'm now on permanent Levothyroxine; But even when my thyroxine was pronounced corrected I still coughed. Cancel your singing for six months was my GP's advice and my singing teacher went along with that and ceased my lessons.
It's a bit better a few months on but even trying to sing one song to myself I know it's nothing like right.
When the ENT specialist looked at the vocal chords with a periscope he confirmed them inflamed though he reckoned once my thyroxine level was right then I should be.   He gave me anti heartburn pills.    Thankfully there were no nodes.
Other Levothyroxine takers disagree and say (on other symptoms) they were up to a couple of years getting right.
Thanks, John
I've looked at past threads but has anyone specifically had vocal chords damaged by low thyroid and how long did it take to come back to normal?