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Posted By: Pierre Le Chapeau
26-Jun-09 - 03:14 PM
Thread Name: Knockholt - This Is Summer! - June 2009
Subject: RE: Knockholt - This Is Summer! - June 2009
Re Casper dog.
" So the fest and people have always been apart of his life"

My food has been a part of his life.

Theres now,t wrong with Caspers legs for running off with my food.
There aint much wrong with that long snout for sniffing it out.

So far that dog has fled the field with 5 Sausages of mine
I swear he had my Fish that were hanging and drying out under a caravan last June.

And he also nicked my Frys Choclete Mint and buggered off with that.

I forgive him for that though because Beryl caught him eating it and put her foot on it to stop him eating it and he bit her foot. Which was so funny I wet meself.

I thought Casper was a bit low this year he is usually all about the place rooting around.

This year I had to contend with LITTLE JACK rooting about in me tent and running off with me Racoon hat.

Both old and youing the Knockholt Dogs are great.