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17-Jun-09 - 01:33 PM
Thread Name: Help with playing 'Chinese Jump Rope'
Subject: RE: Help with playing 'Chinese Jump Rope'
What I mean to say, Azizi, is that that style of jump rope was something I - at the time - had either never seen or had seen so rarely that I thought I'd never seen it.

It's not the singing rhymes that surprised me (although that was part of it) it was the whole parcel. People didn't do jump rope where I was, or if they did it must have been alone, not a social thing. So they might have all sung rhymes when jumping rope (the kids I know now say jump roping), but since they didn't do it on the sidewalk or at the playground (and we didn't have recess at my school, which was a different part of Brooklyn entirely) I had no way of knowing.

For that matter, a heck of a lot of what people call "jump rope rhymes" I think of as exclusively hand rhymes, so that's like a double surprise.

And thank you :)