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Posted By: Darowyn
09-Jun-09 - 03:59 AM
Thread Name: I just got a National Steel Body guitar.
Subject: RE: I just got a National Steel Body guitar.
Since you mention playing in standard tuning, I'm guessing that it's a roundneck played normal style and that you are fretting with your left hand.
For this method, I really like the partial capo on the four upper strings on second fret that gives you both a (tone lower) DADGAD tuning in 'open' position and standard barre chords further up the neck.

If you ever decide to try playing lap style with a straight steel, you really need to use a tuning that will give you both major and minor chords, such as C6, A6 or E6- and for those you will need to learn how to use different right hand grips to pick out the strings you need instead of just strumming or using your fingers on the top three all the time.