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Posted By: Pierre Le Chapeau
02-Jun-09 - 09:05 AM
Thread Name: Blatant publicity for the Pig's Ear Ale
Subject: RE: Blatant publicity for the Pig's Ear Ale
A very well done to everybody who both played and sung at the sing around,s and also to the booked performers in the Marquee a brilliant show one and all. It was fantastic to have a floor spot so close to those Harpists and to see first hand how both beautifully they played and clearly how difficult the Harp is to play and then later on in the evening to have the pleasure of sitting with them and my other tent neighbors to chat and drink and tell jokes more or less to sun up Sunday Morn.

Well done to the bar staff of The Kentish Horse who worked tirelessly especially on the Saturday night when the place was bursting . At one point I went to the bar clean shaven and by the time I was served I had grown a Goatee but none the more for that well done.

To Naughty forty and little apprentice it was fun having you share but may be difficult to comfortable accommodate you both in future has I have decided to go back to a small tent. solely to be able to travel light to these great events. I hope the new people who have my tent now have has much fun has I have had in it ?

Ride On was great on the Saturday night and I really got into it although this time I left the finger picking out has that is Mr Bridges bit. I fear in my enthusiasm I may have drowned out poor Melodeon boy who was sitting right next to me ,Sorry mate.

Thanks to Richard Bridge who showed me with great patients and explanation the proper way to string up a guitar 1.2.1. tuition which I wont forget, clearly a great teacher and a wit to boot.
thanks Woodsiie my mate and drinking partner. Its a shame we never found that magic cottage in the woods. And that bloody Thorn is still in my foot.
I should have seen Chris the healer a perfect gentleman who sorted out Naughty Forty when her foot got thorns it on the Saturday and he worked tirelessly to remove all of them back at our tent.

I am some what worried that Val wants me to wear a long dress at Knockholt? some thing to do with me long hair and tight bum in cut-downs. Hopefully it was because she was pissed and now she is sober she wont remember or if she does she will clearly realize that the whole idea is ridiculous and that will be the end of the matter. Yeah Right?

And finally to John Barden who if it was not for him I would have had a difficult time getting to the event on Friday and a impossible time getting both meself and all me stuff back home again.

To Pigs Ear The event was great .25.00 well spent and I look forward to seeing every one at Knockholt.