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Posted By: Richard Bridge
31-May-09 - 05:18 PM
Thread Name: Blatant publicity for the Pig's Ear Ale
Subject: RE: Blatant publicity for the Pig's Ear Ale
Well, prepare for a gush. Totally, totally glorious. Wonderful weather people and music. The best Piggy ever (despite the untouchable music from the Young Coppers last year) taking one thing with another.

For the first time in my life I enjoyed a "tunes session" - taking my place in the mandolin orchestra with most of "Wasps in the Woodshed" (including TWO harp players) a wonderful piano accordian player, two wonderful button meolodeon players, a threepenny bit player more than holding her own - a silver piccolo player (I think it was), and driving rhythms from Bernard on the Djembe nobly assisted by a girl who played castanets better than average and kept hinting at apanish dance with her movements, and I think it must have been her sister dancing her skin off. And many others - at least two fine fiddlers, three tenor players who kept out of each other's way - all avoiding the "Lets play another Irish tune as fast as we can - how do they tell them apart" trap. I think there were a few Irish tunes, but it never got samey.

Fine stuff outside in the big (ish) tent on the PA rig. The Piggies themselves unfailingly helpful and polite, and pretending to like what one played (Oh, all right, Grant did say of my version of "Gentlemen of High Renown" - - - "Only you would think of doing that to it" - but I took it as a compliment.

A terrific range of music, from 60s/70s electric rock through to hard core 1954 English folk.

The pub food not exhorbitantly priced, a good range of beer in good condition and at fair prices, level(ish) part s of the field kept for caravans to avoid bog driving even if it was wet, which it wasn't.

Bargain price tee-shirts.