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Posted By: Pierre Le Chapeau
27-May-09 - 10:21 AM
Thread Name: ReWake: Slats, Jacqui and Dave Bryant
Subject: RE: ReWake: Slats, Jacqui and Dave Bryant
What a Parlarva
I realize I think why my guitar sounded awful on Sunday The Tangle-wood?
I could not tune it properly the strings sound dull and I blamed my new Tuner My defense being the battery might be flat.

Richard tuned it for me and made it sound better and told me to

'Get some new strings"
I protested that they were new strings and that the guitar had been set up only a month prior to Sundays Event..

Richard then said I must have Acid hands which I cannot deny because I have.
And Brian did definably put new strings on with the set up because I took the Tanglewood to The Nags for the last session and she rang out lovely.

I realize now what has cause the problem. and I will learn from it.

I keep all my guitars in my bedroom and that day I throughly steamed cleaned the room it took hours to do everything and the guitars were on there stands in the room. I just moved them around the room. all that steam and all those exposed strings they have all gone bloody rusty and the wound strings have rusted from within.

I asking do you Guitar experts think this   possible I can see the top E and B are red with rust. The same on the Clarissa .

The other instruments were on stands in me wardrobe so they would not have been affected by the steam

New strings for Pigs Ear. Beware of steam Cleaners