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Posted By: Pierre Le Chapeau
25-May-09 - 04:14 PM
Thread Name: ReWake: Slats, Jacqui and Dave Bryant
Subject: RE: ReWake: Slats, Jacqui and Dave Bryant
Chapter !

First and foremost.
Thanks to all our hosts both here on earth and those departed for a terrific event.

I only played one song all night
I was completely preoccupied with my love of cooking. I did drag my self away from the Woks for "Ride On" Excellent well done every one.
I remember Richard,s remark directed at me in regards to "Hey Thats my bit' Very good I wish I could put my heart and soul into all I play song wise like I do with Ride on.
Thanks to John who hosted the song brilliant and Rchard who gets everyone going re Instruments and Rachel who excellent voice fills the Chorus with such great Charm.

I would like to Thank James and Emma for letting me camp in there wonderful garden its plain that both of you have very Green fingers, I did remember to let the Chickens out this morning has I promised Emma I would I made me mind up to leave the Tent pitched because it was very wet .
A Thank you to those who sampled me cooking and your kind remarks.

I can not imagine who the Very wrecked people were. I saw nothing out the ordinary I do not drink Cider so I stayed with beer and sank a half bottle of Vodka under the Light of the moon with Pat drinking Beer after every one had gone. When the Dawn came up I lay down.

Big Pat and Ben were talking in the Garden about the song Candy Man. I said to them if you wanna hear Candy Man ,come with me and I took them to Brian & Marion and asked Brian if he would Play Candy Man for both Ben Pat & Me which they played superbly ,Ben needs all the inspiration he can get he has come on in leaps and bounds and so has Pat with his Harp and who better then Brian and Marion doing Candy man to Inspire them.Thank you both very much.

Essex Girl you should get your Instrument out more often. You have a great voice But   You are also a Dark Horse Musically.. Well done.

Very well done to every one .

Chapter 2,

When everyone piled out on the road to watch The Remembrance Lanterns go up in the air I was some what moved by the whole thing , I was also honored to help support the Lanterns prior to lift off. Both my self and fellow supporters thought it was rib spit-tingly funny when the man in the car came down the road in the dead of night to see what must have been a site he will never forget. I loved the way his car-reversed iin haste and fled the scene after a moment of wondering What the Hell was going on.Mr Bridge made it quite clear" Parading in the road that you will "have to wait Mate.

Finally Thanks Val for the Bacon Betties Much Welcome this morning.
Thanks to Kev the Clogs who despite being worse for wear he insisted that all instruments placed in the shed should be taken in door at the end of a very long and unforgettable Day. Thanks Kev The Clogs
And of course Essex Girl who if it was not for her I would never have gotten there in the first place.
Light and Peace to all