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Posted By: Azizi
18-May-09 - 08:37 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Send Me Back to Georgia (Si Kahn)
Subject: RE: Origins: Send Me Back To Georgia
Here's another thread about Roy Bailey that mentions "Send Me Back To Georgia".


Lyr Req: Something after Roy Bailey


That thread lists "Send Me Back To Georgia" as a song on the "Band of Hope CD "Rythm and Reds", (Band of Hope were Bailey, Carthy, Swarbrick, Kirkpatrick and Stephan Hannigan). The song is listed followed by (Si Kahn)/ I'm not sure what that name in parenthesis means.

On that thread, GeorgeH (who I don't believe posts on Mudcat anymore) is a key informant about that album. George H responds to another poster who asked "Was there something radical about that album" with this comment: "Yup, I'd say there's some sort of radical/socialist idea shaping most of what Roy does". It does set out to be a "political" album. Martin Carthy is also overtly radical/socialist; Kirkpatrick and Swarb seem less overtly so.

In a later post to that thread, GeorgeH wrote that "The parallels between "[The Ballad of] Vic Williams" and "Send Me Back to Georgia" are fascinating in themselves". In another previous post to that thread, GeorgeH wrote that Vic Williams "Went AWOL during the Gulf War, returned to his unit at the end of the conflict. Gaoled in a classic British miscarriage of justice (apart from anything else the conflict was unlawful since the UN was acting in clear violation of its own charter). And as I recall there was a further furore when Amnesty International adopted him as a Prisoner of Conscience."


Unfortunately, neither GeorgeH nor any other poster explains what the similarities between those two songs mean. But one can presume that there were thematic similarities.

(Of course, "one" can be mistaken when she/he "assumes" things.)


Btw, Knit_aholic - I'm providing links for your information and others' information. IMO, it's fine to start a new thread about Roy Bailey, particularly since this thread focuses on a particular song.