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Posted By: Padre
09-May-09 - 11:05 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Concentration (kids' game)
Subject: RE: Origins: Concentration (kids' game)
"Categories" was a favorite drinking game in the late 50s - went something like this:

Group sitting at a table, each one with a beer in front of them. The starter began by thumping the table twice with his hands and then clapping twice. When the rhythm was established, he would begin

[T= thump]
[C= clap]

T-T "I am" c-c
T-T "Thinking of" c-c
T-T "Names of" c-c
T-T "Automobiles" c-c
T-T "Buick" c-c
Then the person to his left would have to name an automobile, while keeping the rhythm going. It continued around the circle, and if a player could not think of an automobile, or repeated one previously named, or broke the rhythm, he had to chug his beer. The chugger than began the game with another category (beers, colleges, magazines, etc)