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Posted By: maeve
09-May-09 - 06:06 AM
Thread Name: BS: Birdwatching 2009
Subject: RE: BS: Birdwatching 2009
The One-to-four-parts white sugar-nectar we put out is what is recommended by Audubon and others who know hummers well. It may be possible to play with the sugar used, but nutritionists keep insisting there is no real difference in nutrition between the various forms of sugar. Where hummers are concerned however, honey is dangerous and nectar made from it can and has killed the little darlings.

The hummingbirds also eat real flower nectar, juices from fruits, and many tiny insects. The value of human-provided sugar water seems to be as an immediate energy source rather than their sole or even primary source of nutrition. Commercial mixtures I have tried in the past were simply powdered sugar with dyes added.

For myself, I use the sugar nectar to support and attract hummers, but plant hummer friendly plants with abandon to provide real food and habitat options.