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Posted By: Lonesome EJ
06-May-09 - 10:22 PM
Thread Name: BS: Famous exit lines
Subject: RE: BS: Famous exit lines
"And THAT is my LAST post on this thread!" (uttered by numerous offended people on this forum as they stalk off...most of them then lurk around for awhile watching the continuing progress of the thread in question) ;-)

I love it, LH! Even better, the "Farewell Mudcat" Threads where some whiner decides to announce his departure from the Forum because

a)"This no longer a forum about folk music, and I must gather my dignity and leave..aloha"
b)"I have been insulted for the last time...goodbye"
c) "My comments have been edited, removed, and I can no longer submit to the heavy hand of the Moderators...farewell"

Really, my least favorite kind of thread I must say, and I can imagine the "leaver" savoring all the calls to desist and forgive. Reminds me of the King who decided to hold his state funeral before his death, in order that he could hear all of the praise and adoration which would otherwise have been wasted.

Some of them even start another thread announcing their return so that the tender souls who begged them not to go in the first place can welcome them back with open arms.