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Posted By: M. Ted (inactive)
20-Jul-00 - 01:18 PM
Thread Name: Folksongs that will pass for 'Pop'
Subject: RE: Folksongs that will pass for 'Pop'
T-Your posts manage to get me more agitated than anyone elses, and it is simply because you keep reminding us of the almost feudal, structure of the music industry, and of the oppressive code of laws and regulations that force submission to it.

I say almost feudal because the feudal lord had some permanent obligations to the serfs, and this is not true in the powers that be in the music industry have no feelings of obligation to their serfs at all.

I cannot help but notice that you seem to echo the ideas that were so well put forth in the last century by the anarchist, Peter Kropotkin.

The next step in his model is that the oppressed rise up in revolt, and that is beginning to happen now.