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Posted By: olddude
07-Apr-09 - 10:00 AM
Thread Name: love the young people writing folk
Subject: RE: love the young people writing folk
Not everyone who writes music or performs on youtube aspires to be a star or even performs out anywhere. Many if not most have their reasons. Mine happens to be to share my songs with my friends and family or the best I can be such that it is. However, a songwriter at that age needs to mature and will.   this girl decided this is the music she loves. Not Rap, Not modern bang head country .. but this music. A kid , a guitar , a voice and some words she made up.   I understand that folks on mudcat are use to the great masters ... aren't we all.. but when people bitch about there is no great music being created anymore and everything is cookie cutter the same ... remember the kid that just starting out and the encouragement you gave or simply dismissed as trivial.

If she were out performing pushing her CD's fair game. But a kid in an apartment writing songs ... trying to learn the craft ... dang fine job for me. I could not write a song at that age that good. I know few people starting out that can ...I can't write a song that good now. Think back at the age she is .. tell me everything you ever played or written was STELLAR ...

I am an old fart. I don't care about ever performing in public or creating something people want to buy. I just try to be the best i can. I think most on youtube are exactly that way.

Joni Mitchell did not wake up the Joni Mitchell we all know in one day. IT took work, and if people told her, trivial it stinks ... what a loss we would have