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Posted By: Jim Dixon
22-Mar-09 - 04:50 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Oh my, I want a piece of pie
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Oh my, I want a piece of pie
I have done the math, and I now realize I was 11 years old when WILLIE AND THE HAND JIVE came out in 1958. So I suppose it was inaccurate to say "These were teenagers, not kids." But, since I didn't go to dances at that age, I and my classmates probably knew of the hand jive by hearing the song on the radio and seeing older kids doing it on "American Bandstand" or something similar.

I didn't start going to dances until a couple of years later, but before that, I remember having a teacher who would occasionally allow us to bring records to school and dance on school time; that's how we learned to act like teenagers and imitate the dances we saw on TV. I include the "hand jive" in that, although, strictly speaking, it wasn't a dance.

Anybody remember THE STROLL? It came out the same year, 1958, and was another of those fads that didn't last very long. I remember learning it the same way, in class, not at a real dance.


I found the song that I was thinking of—at least one version of it—that I described in my message of 19 Mar 09 - 04:26 PM. It's EEP, IPE, WANNA PIECE OF PIE, sung by Fats Waller. I'm pretty sure it wasn't Fats Waller though, that sang the version I first heard. (I'll discuss this more in the "eephing" thread.)

The first two lines of that song are:

Eep, ipe, wanna piece of pie.
Eep, ipe, wanna bowl of soup.

--which is odd because it doesn't rhyme. The rest of the song rhymes. It makes me wonder: are there any versions of the "pie" rhyme that mention soup?


Interestingly, the song LITTLE EEEFIN' ANNIE contains the line "Gimme piece o' pie!"

That's another bit of evidence that there is some connection between eephing and the "pie" rhymes.