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Posted By: wrotham-arms-jen
19-Mar-09 - 04:26 AM
Thread Name: Musicians Quiting and Venues Dying
Subject: RE: Musicians Quiting and Venues Dying
Sandy, to me a 'public house' means that - as soon as you start charging a door fee it loses that quality. As far as I know Britain is the only place with true pubs where you invite people into your home to buy a drink. The relationship between landlord and customer is not a service relationship, but a friend. That is why there is no tipping in pubs. As soon as there is a door fee, in my mind, it is not a pub, but a bar.

Anyway, I think your point was that the landlord overreacted to a bottle of water that was brought in by one of the paid musicians. I wholeheartedly agree - that is excessive. I personally have told bands off for bringing their own alcoholic drinks into my establishment and have witnessed non-paid musicians at sessions topping up a glass of water with spirits. This is what I find unacceptable.

It is a judgment call as to raising the issue and it sounds like your chap made a big mistake which i am sure he regretted.

I think the main point of starting this thread (no, not to advertise Norcs, lol) was to state that we need to support each other. It is obvious from the responses that there are a lot of good musicians who understand the plight of the venue, but in my experience many do not.

A young duo from Deal had their first gig at my pub with the previous landlord. When I took over the pub I recognised that they were underpaid so I started paying them more. They have done well and are playing some really big gigs, and so they have decided to stop playing pubs. They announced this a few days before a gig at my pub. I can understand the concept of this, but to slam the people that gave you the start seems very wrong.

I wasnt sure if i should start this thread, but am glad i did - some really insightful comments.