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Posted By: Sandy Mc Lean
18-Mar-09 - 05:01 PM
Thread Name: Musicians Quiting and Venues Dying
Subject: RE: Musicians Quiting and Venues Dying
Reluctantly I wade into this thread because I know nothing about British pubs or their music but this may cast a bit of insight from an outsider. I do not often play at venues where alcohol is served because I find that the audience becomes noisy and less attentive as consumption increases. I usually play without expectation of compensation so I am independant as Hell. Mostly I play and sing at fundraisers, benefits etc. with a concert rather than a pub format. All that being said friends of mine, a few years ago, asked me to drop into a local pub where they were playing. They are a very talented family group of twelve siblings and each Saturday afternoon a few of them would perform there and the door receipts and proceeds from a 50/50 draw were to go to a local hospital. The place would be packed each Saturday, the pub owners made good on beer sales and the hospital benefited as well. I would be asked, and was always happy to do a couple of songs for a good cause, but for the most part I was audience. One day a younger brother in this sibling group brought with him a bottle of water to be consumed while he played. He was told in no uncertain terms by the pub owner that he was not permitted to bring his own water but would have to purchase the same at the bar. The oldest brother, the leader of the group, told the others to pack their instruments and they left never to return. They had no trouble finding another place to play but that pub never again was packed on a Saturday afternoon. All for the price of a bottle of water.