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Posted By: Teribus
13-Mar-09 - 04:50 PM
Thread Name: BS: True IRA ?? Who are they ?
Subject: RE: BS: True IRA ?? Who are they ?
A GuestAR start taking more water with it, it is obviously affecting your eyesight.

Big Mick:

"He begins all tirades at a moment in time that suits his arguments, builds a premise that is either false, or out of context, and then crafts an argument that looks absolutely brilliant."

What moment in time have I selected to suit my purpose Mick?

What false premise? So far you have not refuted a single thing that I have said.

Nor have you answered a single question put to you.

But there again I didn't get my information sitting over in America talking to immigrant Irish Republicans and their descendents.

"That thing is that the English, during their colonial expansion, and conquest, decided to come to a land, subjugate its people, take their property, strip it of all resources and livestock, dispossess them of ancient lands and give it to others" BM

What English colonial expansion are you referring to Mick - America?

Maybe you should have put that post to music it would be about as factually and historically accurate as "Back Home In Derry" or "Fields Of Athenry" both complete and utter fairytales.

"So when one only engages in finger pointing, it is very easy to find atrocities."

You mean as you have been doing from your first post to this thread.

"there are many things done on both sides of this struggle that people should be ashamed of. I know this from my own experiences with conflict,"

The only thing wrong with that Big Mick is that you don't have any experiences of this conflict.

"the policies of the Crown and governments of Great Britain, lie at the root of all this,"

Bullshit it was not the policies of the Crown and Governments of Great Britain that opted to use the gun and bomb and in so doing cause the deaths, directly and indirectly, of 3600 people and further maim 36,000 others, the vast majority of them being the very people they were telling the world that they were "protecting". And now the very same people who took that decision have the nerve to describe as "wrong minded" former "comrades" who have done exactly what they themselves did 40 years ago that Big Mick is simply rank hypocrisy.