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Posted By: Big Mick
13-Mar-09 - 04:11 PM
Thread Name: BS: True IRA ?? Who are they ?
Subject: RE: BS: True IRA ?? Who are they ?
I have been through this so many times, and I am not going to do it again beyond the obvious. TB should change his name to "Obfuscation 'r Us". He begins all tirades at a moment in time that suits his arguments, builds a premise that is either false, or out of context, and then crafts an argument that looks absolutely brilliant. And, as Al has pointed out, absolutely refuses to accept any criticisms of his country's policies, or any blame for the same. But one thing is clear to any observer that is willing to take the long view, and who craves justice and peace. That thing is that the English, during their colonial expansion, and conquest, decided to come to a land, subjugate its people, take their property, strip it of all resources and livestock, dispossess them of ancient lands and give it to others, and discriminate against them for centuries. They played the "Orange Card" and effectively used it right up until very recent times to maintain their hold on the industrial north. Their security forces used a shoot to kill without cause policy, provided intelligence to the loyalist terror groups, imprisoned people without cause, and did all they could to wipe out the Irish culture. They stood by and watched school kids be mobbed and scared out of their wits.

TB, there are many things done on both sides of this struggle that people should be ashamed of. I know this from my own experiences with conflict, and if you were half the warrior you imply you are, you would admit that is the way of armed conflict. So when one only engages in finger pointing, it is very easy to find atrocities. But the brilliance of the processes like the South African Truth Commissions, is that folks could look at each other and acknowledge what was wrong, and then move on. In the North of Ireland, that is happening primarily on only one side of the equation. Had you stepped up and simply acknowledged what is so, and expressed a hope for a peaceful future, and a self determination, for the children, and all people, of the North, I could give you grudging respect. But as far as I can see you are not worthy of that. If you cannot acknowledge what the world knows, which is that the policies of the Crown and governments of Great Britain, lie at the root of all this, then you will continue in my mind to be not worth spending anymore time with. And I shall not.

Your time has come and gone.