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Posted By: Den
13-Mar-09 - 02:49 PM
Thread Name: BS: True IRA ?? Who are they ?
Subject: RE: BS: True IRA ?? Who are they ?
Its funny how are pro-British posters never mention the most pivotal moment in the history of the troubles that was Bloody Sunday. The murder of innocents on that day changed the peace movement forever. Who in their right mind would not think twice in marching for peace at the risk of being shot to death. Prior to that day the PIRA had little or no support. Bloody Sunday was the greatest recruitment strategy the PIRA could ever have wished for. I have heard Bloody Sunday being described as, "heavy handed." It doesn't matter how you package it, murder is murder. It was a blatant attempt by the British to make Paddy lie down. It didn't work. And now some 37 years later no one has been charged for those murders either.