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Posted By: Teribus
13-Mar-09 - 02:44 PM
Thread Name: BS: True IRA ?? Who are they ?
Subject: RE: BS: True IRA ?? Who are they ?
Oh you mean like:

"The real motives of these people are to justify their country's wrong headed and discriminatory policies in the North." – Big Mick

Well there you go, "their country's wrong headed and discriminatory policies in the North", care to tell us exactly what policies they might be considering that from 1922 until 1972 the Province had its own devolved Government, which during that time set their own policies. In 1972 that devolved government was first suspended then abolished in favour of direct rule from Westminster until the Northern Ireland Assembly was established in 1999. During that time (1972 to 1999) the problems indentified with the previous devolved government and reforms suggested in consultation with the various political parties in Northern Ireland were introduced in order to reach the point we are at today.

"I believe firmly (for all the political and historical reasons) in a united Ireland." - BM

Care to tell us when Ireland was ever politically or historically a united nation before the English and then latterly the British arrived on the scene Big Mick?

"But I support the process that is going on, primarily because it is supported by the people who live there. But I will not be an apologist for what has gone before. This is an old struggle, and it is a righteous struggle. And now it is taking a new path." - BM

This is an old struggle says Mick, too true. Let's see who we had fanning the flames down through the ages:
•        Spain in the 16th Century;
•        France & Spain backing Stuarts in the 17th Century;
•        France in the 18th Century;
•        Emigré Irish Americans in the 19th Century;
•        Germans and Plastic Paddys from America in the 20th Century.

I somehow get the impression that if they hadn't bothered things might have turned out a damn sight better for everybody. Up until the 20th Century Big Mick, down through 500 years the "people" of Ireland didn't even enter the equation, they had SFA to say in the matter. The wars and rebellions were instigated by the disaffected aristocracy of Ireland who bloody well told their tenants who was fight who, when and why. If they don't like it, or were not prepared to take part, they died or got turfed out. Nor were they fighting for Ireland's "freedom", in the case of O'Neill in the 16th Century he was going to turn over Ireland to Spain as a colony with him rewarded as Spain's Viceroy.

"Were he able to, he would understand that I support the peoples of the North and what they are trying to accomplish. But I do so with not a whit of apology for what went before, and which carried us to this moment. But as I said, the people of the North of Ireland have spoken and they have chosen a new path." - BM

Referendum tomorrow Big Mick and the population of Northern Ireland states that they wish to remain within the United Kingdom – Any more legitimate struggle after that? – Any more ancient wrongs to be righted? – Or will you and the rest of the outside observers over there in Boston accept the choice of the people who live in Northern Ireland and butt out of something that has got absolutely dam all to do with you.