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13-Mar-09 - 09:31 AM
Thread Name: BS: True IRA ?? Who are they ?
Subject: RE: BS: True IRA ?? Who are they ?
Fraid not, even Sf have eluded to this person also and have asked why they do not come forward now, O'Dowd, if he is who you are referring to, made ridicules clams that the PSNI were protecting dissidents, what crud, why would they protect those who want to murder them.

Besides if they did have informers infiltrated in the dissidents ranks,like they had the IRA, it would be stupid to highlight that fact.

Here is also a timely reminder of what the other side of the equation can offer.

What happens those who want none of it and are caught in the middle.

K of H. has asked the questions that needs to be asked and not only for one side he has put many through the mangle to iron out their views. Nothing wrong with that. He is well informed on the situation in Ireland and imo he has more knowledge than most of the so called experts we have to listen to.

The question K Of H asked pricked some people and made the murder of 2500 or so people by the IRA questionable,what gave them the right to murder so many and tell others that they have no mandate or support for their acts of murder.

Was K Of H right that SF did not have the support of all nat/rep, the only people who can answer that is the people themselves.

The sad fact is, if the armed struggle had worked all those who had aspiration for a U.I. would "win" even if they supported the IRA or not.

I get a feeling when people use such statements as "slaves" etc they could write what they know about N.I. on a postage stamp or maybe on an elastic band to stretch it to a sentence.

We hear this word occupied,what nonsense, my family went through the same struggles as my families catholic landlord did. Back in the late 60's, as a child I can remember icicle's in my bedroom window.

WE did not have electricity, running water etc, this is not to diminish the problems that Catholics faced, they were treated like shit,but many protestants face the same problems.

The root cause was the pieces of crap that ran N.Ireland they need dug up and slapped for the legacy they left my generation onwards.

But in the spirit of K OF H I have to ask why these people thought the way they did.

Partition as we all know basically came about due to the same reasons we have peace today, people realised (Collins) that violence was not working.

The North was for the protestants and the south for the Catholics was a predominant mindset back then.I do not justify it but in a small way can understand it, given the war held mainly in the republic.

My point is these so-called heroes,Carson and his ilk, protestant Ulster for a protestant people had some small justification for holding them views.

Long post short

Should we not be looking at why people do what they do and just then we could come to some understanding. Which is I think K.Of H' point.