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13-Mar-09 - 07:51 AM
Thread Name: BS: True IRA ?? Who are they ?
Subject: RE: BS: True IRA ?? Who are they ?
27 August 2008
Trouble flared when police went to investigate telephone bomb warnings in the nationalist Tullygally and Drumbeg area on Monday evening.

Dissidents used the bomb warning to lure police into the area to murder them.

A dissident representative was on camera condemning everyone except themselves, they decried the presence of the PSNI, even though they were there to deal with a nonexistent bomb.

What happened was a practice run to the murder of officer Carroll,he was called to the same area to deal with a brick threw through a window. Should he have not done his job?

I wonder how many people have ever set foot on the ground in N.Ireland's trouble spots, how many get information first hand or do they rely in the biased reporting of newspapers.

Why has the IRA/SF got the gaul to tell dissidents not to use violence,like the official IRA told the PIRA before them, all have one thing in common.

They found out that violence does not work and as a PSNI widow put it,the murdering only gets people a 6'by6' piece of land.

These so-called freedom fighters have oppressed the very people they want to "set free" more than any occupation could do.

In the Craigavon area mentioned in the above report I have family and friends,and some enemies, who say they want nothing to do with the dissidents,but they are shit scared to confront them.

They do not like watching the easily led young rioting and being hooked on this fighting for Ireland's freedom BS.   

I have always wondered why they do not do a DAAD and picket outside the known dissidents fancy house, they are shit scared to do it,why? because these people are terrorised into keeping their mouths shut.

We now have a 17 yr old who could potentially face life in prison, did we not have enough 15-17 yr old's throw their youth and their victims life away at the behest of some terrorist commander.

Any one answer why continuing the struggle would be a good thing or could they explain to that 17yr old's parents why his involvement in a murder was beneficial to their son?

After thirty or so years of armed violence SF would know what they are talking about and if they say violence was not working it, it was not working.

Here is an interesting vid, and we wonder how some get their information on N.Ieland.