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Posted By: Marje
13-Mar-09 - 07:23 AM
Thread Name: Musicians Quiting and Venues Dying
Subject: RE: Musicians Quiting and Venues Dying
I agree about soft drink prices, Austin. I had half a pint of soda water the other night, and was charged £1.20 (that's one pound 20, in case the symbol comes out wrong) It's just the stuff out of the pipe that they add as a mixer to other drinks, and I think that's exorbitant. I decided to make it last all evening (although a kind onlooker did buy all the session players a drink, so I had an orange juice later.)

Then last night I asked (in a different pub) for a bottle of mineral water and it cost £1.40. I could have had half of bitter for that price, and on many occasions I would do so, but in this instance I wanted to stick to soft drinks.

I can buy 2 litres of fizzy water in a supermarket for 17 pence. If a pub charges me 10 times or even 15 times that price - say 30p or 50p for a half-pint - I'll be happy. But to charge me 40 times that price is unreasonable, and they deserve to go out of business if that's the best they can do.