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Posted By: Austin P
13-Mar-09 - 05:42 AM
Thread Name: Musicians Quiting and Venues Dying
Subject: RE: Musicians Quiting and Venues Dying
I have a lot of sympathy for struggling landlords, but too many try and bump up profits by charging exorbitant prices for soft drinks / mixers. A Pint of Cola or Bitter lemon can be 3 in many places. Which annoys me when I am being responsible and not drink-driving.

There are something like 6 pubs a week closing in Hampshire. The smoking ban hasn't helped either.

When driving I usually drink 'Weasel Piss' (as it's known round here) - tap water with Lime cordial in it. Most pubs will charge you 50p (they make as much on it as a pint in most cases). If they ask for much more than that, laugh and walk away ...