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Posted By: breezy
13-Mar-09 - 05:39 AM
Thread Name: Musicians Quiting and Venues Dying
Subject: RE: Musicians Quiting and Venues Dying
Norcsalordie, well the names a bugger to start with

terrific pub duo

with only the youtube clips to judge from so I dont think this will give a balanced picture of them

rough around the edges, great energy and enthusiasm , great voice, solid harmonies, adequate guitar strummer, known popular possibly hackneyed repertoire - but it works so dont knock it - and thats all what most ordinary punters want, however as for being a folk club main guest I would say having been a club orgamiser, they are not refined enough for 'folk club' no subtlty but absolutely great as club residents residents.

So thats me psyched up for tomoroow's pub gig at the Duke of Clarence in Luton , plus some.

And as for tonight in Orpington well maybe as the audience are great listeners and you can hear pin drops, maybe the quality of songs will be more prominent.

They also remind me of a slimmed down skinners rats of the old days, all they need is a double bass player with a loud voice who looks like an RAF pilot.

Energy of Sullivan and Winsor, do they do 'Sylvest'

Good luck to them, hope they go to hear Eric Bogle whilst he's over hear this summer to catch the original source of 'No Man's Land'