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Posted By: GUEST,AR
12-Mar-09 - 08:25 PM
Thread Name: BS: True IRA ?? Who are they ?
Subject: RE: BS: True IRA ?? Who are they ?
Mick, thank you understood. I re-posted my comment as I felt it broke no rules.
I am not interested in a slagging match here, but this guy Keith is so fixed in his reporting of a one sided past it is becoming annoying. He can't and won't admit to the murders by British army or the murderous role of the British in Ireland.

I read through several of your posts recently and you appeared to have a great understanding of the situation in Ireland, I read one post yesterday them moments later you pulled it, I have to say I can't run with you there.

This thread has moved a little into Keith and the past according to him.

Please do not take the bait with that teribus guy, I read some of his older posts too, foolish is the word that comes to mind, annoyed he wasn't involved at street level I think, please don't stoop that low to reply to him.

I will gladly admit to understanding the actions of the Irish and their right to deal with the invader. Regarding the age old comments by Keith and teribus, many things happen in war, not all are intended.

I will also say I felt you were deleting posts because they showed support for republicans. If I was wrong, sorry.

One last thing, remember when an english man uses that line teribus did, you know he beat him hands done in a debate. Poor guy.

The Irish people will always be grateful to the American nation for their support through the tough times, they delivered and it will never be forgotten.