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Posted By: Big Mick
12-Mar-09 - 07:54 PM
Thread Name: BS: True IRA ?? Who are they ?
Subject: RE: BS: True IRA ?? Who are they ?
AR, you are mistaken about your earlier post. After I posted my last post I left home and have only just now returned. I restored the deleted post (and deleted the repeat later and references to it as they were not needed), because it did not violate any rules.

If the tone of your post was meant to be insulting to me, I am sorry to hear that. My positions on this subject are clear, and have been carried by me almost since the beginning of this forum. My knowledge of the issues is not uninformed, rather based on knowledge gained (and understanding sought) from those on the ground there, in addition to having lived among immigrant Irish Republicans most of my life. I do not embrace any glorified concept of this conflict, rather I believe firmly (for all the political and historical reasons) in a united Ireland. In fact I was one of the few carried those arguments early. But I support the process that is going on, primarily because it is supported by the people who live there. But I will not be an apologist for what has gone before. This is an old struggle, and it is a righteous struggle. And now it is taking a new path.

As to Teribus, it is clear that he cannot read for comprehension. Were he able to, he would understand that I support the peoples of the North and what they are trying to accomplish. But I do so with not a whit of apology for what went before, and which carried us to this moment. But as I said, the people of the North of Ireland have spoken and they have chosen a new path. And, btw, Teribus, your motives are so clear in your last post. I know you to be intelligent and perfectly capable of understanding the meaning and intent of what I wrote. For you to respond as you did only shows you for what you are. And it is my belief that what you are is a close minded bigot, and the antithesis of intellectual discussion. Intellectual discussion would demand that you try to explore cause and effect, and understand your opponent. But you simply seek to denigrate your opponents. Boor, neanderthal, provincial, and any number of less poolite terms come to mind.

As to being a "Plastic Paddy", let me say this. I am torn between responding as if the comment came from a mental midget, or conversely from someone seeking to somehow just insult. If it is the former, then I will just ignore it. If it is the latter, then when the day comes that we meet, I surely hope you will remind me of the same. We can resolve it then in whatever way seems appropriate at the time. Darts, billiards, arm wrestling......... or whatever else honor demands.