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Posted By: wrotham-arms-jen
09-Mar-09 - 04:33 AM
Thread Name: Musicians Quiting and Venues Dying
Subject: RE: Musicians Quiting and Venues Dying
thanks for your comments - i think a number of fine local musicians feel the same way as you and that is what keeps my music business alive - bless you all

luckily i am not involved in a pubco but my prices have to be set pretty high thanks to the brewery prices. in faversham the railway hotel (also a sheps pub) has a large banner saying 'we are still not as cheap as wetherspoons') lol we cannot compete with many pubcos but hope to provide a better service - a community pub with quality products and staff that take care of its customers.

i do put on a fair amount of folk music and in general it doesnt make money, for the very reasons you state.

our woodshed sessions are an exception to this since we have a number of local people that enjoy coming to listen to the diversity of the music and who enjoy a few good beers in the process.

there are notable exceptions of folk musicians that make folk music work in pubs. norcsalordie, for instance have an amazing effect on a 'non-folkie' audience. they have a great talent for connecting with the audience and the tempo sells a lot of beer!

dr beau weber at has been looking at solutions to resolve the problem of dying live music on a local level. see: kent folk music box

i must admit the number of music lovers that smuggle their own drinks into my pub (you know who you are) make my blood boil and make things worse for everybody. next time i see it happening there will be a public flogging