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Posted By: melodeonboy
08-Mar-09 - 04:56 PM
Thread Name: Musicians Quiting and Venues Dying
Subject: RE: Musicians Quiting and Venues Dying
I play in a zydeco band. We get, on average, about half a dozen gigs a month, mostly in pubs. I think that, overall, we're treated fairly by pub landlords.

Once fuel and a few pints have been paid for, we don't really end up with that much money, and we certainly can't look on it as other than a second income. However, I'm aware that pubs are having a hard time, and it appears to me that pubs are not cheating us but rather paying us what they can afford. On a number of occasions we've played at pubs that I know have barely or not even recouped the fee spent on us in money taken over the bar, and then been rebooked! (Pretty much the same point as you made in your penultimate sentence, Jen.)

My comments are perhaps not particularly helpful (or even relevant) to the brave souls who are trying to make a living out of folk music. That must be such hard work. Unfortunately, I don't have any magic answers to their problems. All I can do is wish them well.