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Posted By: wrotham-arms-jen
08-Mar-09 - 03:47 PM
Thread Name: Musicians Quiting and Venues Dying
Subject: Musicians Quiting and Venues Dieing
excuse these late night ramblings...but here we go...

being a pub landlord that enjoys putting on live music, a few (unnamed) musicians comments on mudcat have hurt. pubs these days do not make a lot of money. if live music is on, and the pub is full, the pub may be breaking even. in my short time in the trade i have seen musicians on their way up and on their way down. i have seen many music venues (pubs included) close. such is life, hard as it is.

recently there have been a few mudcatters that have announced that they are quitting the music scene. Coincidentally(?) these are the ones that have slammed the pub landlord as making too much money from their skills. i am sure there are some landlords that take advantage, but in general the sums just dont add up.

if a musician was paid based on incomings (takings) and outgoings (staff costs, rent, rates, taxes, stock, licenses, electricity, gas, water, advertising, fire alarm maintenance, pest prevention, cleaning,... etc, etc) they wouldn't be too happy! i am not moaning - i chose to be in this business, but i think that some customers see 3 going into the till as 3 in my pocket, when in reality it is more like 30p.

venues that cannot sustain the music business are not in business for long. the venue also has to break even.

i have witnessed several local-but-major music events that have been created by musicians that have been a roaring success. good for them! they are not sitting back complaining about the lack of venues - they are creating a platform for their voice.

and yet we read about musicians giving up and venues closing - we are our own worst enemies.

times are hard for many types of businesses (pubs and musicians included) but if we dont show support and continually create platforms for each other we are all jeopardy of fizzling out.