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Posted By: Stringsinger
09-Feb-09 - 12:41 PM
Thread Name: BS: Blair and God...and Obama
Subject: RE: BS: Blair and God...and Obama
There is no fundamentalist atheist. Fundamentalism requires belief. Atheism is non-belief.

The people who I know that are atheists don't demonize people. But they don't accept
irrational ideas either.

Actually, the atheists I know don't lump all religions together but have studied them more than most who claim to be religious. Many so-called Christians really don't know the bible very well. They have no historical sense of it.

I don't agree that we all have to have "faith". Society can do quite well without it.
"Faith" is never defined very well by anyone anyhow. It is a vague, amorphous concept
which is held out as a religious carrot to control others.

"Hope" might be another proposition, however.

Anyone who doesn't accept a religious premise is generally characterized by religious people as being "close-minded". The assumption that those who don't agree with the dogma have not studied it or been exposed to it. This is false.

Religion is a personal thing as is one's sex life. Our Constitution permits Flat Earth Societies, Moon-as-green-cheese worship, Golden Calves, even an abiding belief in Santa Claus. As Americans we are free to believe whatever we want and to not believe the same.
We also have a right to challenge any belief system that we disagree with as long as the discussion is respectful of people but not necessarily their ideas.

Narrow-mindedness often comes in the form of the defense of religion by religious people. I think people can do good things whether they are religious or not.

The "essential" goodness of people does not have to do with a religious belief system.
Unfortunately, the term "faith" gets in the way of a rational discussion.

Obama's "faith-based initiatives" run counter to the meaning of Separation of Church and State. Although he mentions non-believers in his speeches you can be assured that he doesn't include them in his policies. He has said that "religion belongs in the public sector" which is a way of tearing down the wall of Separation. It doesn't belong in government decisions and can't be supported by people who don't believe it by forcing them to pay taxes for it.

Tolerance is a two-way street. Very few religious people are tolerant of non-believers.
The meaning of tolerance is that we can agree to disagree and state our opinions openly without someone taking offense.