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Posted By: Joe Offer
08-Feb-09 - 10:44 PM
Thread Name: BS: Blair and God...and Obama
Subject: RE: BS: Blair and God...and Obama
I'm surprised at you, Stringsinger. I thought you might be more open-minded than that. I really think I'd like you if I met you in person - and I think you'd like me, despite my religion.

I would venture a guess that the "hypotheses that many religious people espouse" have little effect on your life, or on society in general. I suppose that I, too, would question the "their sense of justice" of many people who call themselves religious - but there are many, many religious people who devote their lives to social justice. A couple of weeks ago, I went to the (Catholic) funeral of an old lady who had worked with Cesar Chavez for years in the fight for rights for farmworkers. She collected food for the hungry every week, and she was arrested in peace demonstrations countless times. And she was married to an ex-priest, and went to Mass every Sunday. The stories I heard about her really moved me.

This woman was passionately religious, and she also had a passionate sense of justice. There have been thousands of people like her in every social justice movement in the last century.

If you wanted to argue religion with her, she would have told you that her religion meant a lot to her, but it was her own business. It you wanted to discuss with her, that would be a different matter.

I think that if we are to survive as a society, we all need to have faith - faith in the essential goodness of our fellow human beings. Cynicism and alienation and condemnation will only lead us to constant conflict. We need to move beyond ideological conflict and find the many things that can unite us.

As for Blair and Obama, I think they're decent, capable people who intend to serve humankind as best they can. I don't know what went wrong with Blair - I didn't like his alliance with Bush and participation in the war in Iraq, but he said and did many things that impressed and inspired me. I don't even think of Bush as an evil person - he just was a misguided failure.

Try tolerance. It's the only thing we have that might be able to heal this world.