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Posted By: Riginslinger
08-Feb-09 - 07:12 AM
Thread Name: BS: Blair and God...and Obama
Subject: RE: BS: Blair and God...and Obama
"Just what is it I'm doing to destroy the planet, that nonreligious people don't do?"

             Say, for instance, you're a practicing Roman Catholic, and follow the Pope's directives on family planning, while the planet is awash with people and resources are dwindling. The Muslim groups seem to be worse in this regard, but the Catholics certainly are destructive.

            Human population growth is the single most preventable environmental hazard in the world today, and the blind continue to think it's fine to "go forth and procreate."

            Then there is the intertwining of business and religion in America particularly--sociologists call it the Protestant Ethic--that encourages people to continue to expand and devour resources, without regard to the carrying capacity of the land.

            The religious wars only help in the sense that some humanity is extinguished, but with modern warfare we create more paraplegiacs than corpses.

            Probably the biggest drawback to religion is the proposition that it prevents people from dealing with reality so that problems cannot be solved.