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Posted By: bbc
04-Feb-09 - 08:20 PM
Thread Name: BS: Birdwatching 2009
Subject: RE: BS: Birdwatching 2009
Hi, I just dropped by to see what's been going on. For 2 1/2 weeks, I had an extremely rare bird (for my area) visiting my feeders--an adult male Bullock's Oriole. He was a really sweet bird & I enjoyed his stay. Many birders came to visit him, since he will probably be the only one they ever see in person. He was the first confirmed sighting in my 11-county region, with only half a dozen ever reported in the whole state of New York. As I understand it, in the winter, he should have been in Mexico or Guatamala &, the rest of the year, west of Indiana. Lovely bird, too. Here's my account on flickr:

Bullock's Oriole

Here's an account of some of the birds seen in my yard, at the intersection of New York, Massachusetts, & Connecticut, USA, by one of the birders who came to see my Bullock's Oriole:
"American Goldfinches, Blue Jays, Black-Capped Chickadees, Tufted Titmice, Downy Woodpeckers, Red-bellied Woodpeckers were constant at the feeders while American Tree Sparrows, Dark-eyed Juncos and White-throated Sparrows fed on the spilled seed on the ground with a few Northern Cardinals and Mourning Doves. As we watched the feeders some more (Still no Oriole mind you), a small group of Pine Siskins came to the feeders, along with House and a lone Purple Finch. On a tree near the feeders we spotted a Brown Creeper working its way up along with a White-breasted Nuthatch."
Duane & I really enjoy the wildlife in our area!