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Posted By: bubblyrat
21-Jan-09 - 05:31 AM
Thread Name: Richard Thompson in 'Front Row'
Subject: RE: Richard Thompson in 'Front Row'
WFD and I went to see the "1000 Years" show in High Wycombe on Monday night, and it was utterly SUPERB !!RT was on absolutely top form, and the two ladies who accompany him,one on keyboards,the other an extremely talented percussionist (and they both sang too ),were just amazing.I still have not got over just how good it was-----I sat enthralled by every single number !! And the material !!----well, to go coherently,and seemingly effortlessly,from a song rendered in Old French,from around 1200,reputedly written by Richard the Lionheart whilst in captivity,to a superb rendition of "Cry Me a River" ( or" Crimea River" as we joked afterwards)via Elizabethan madrigals ,Victorian music halls,Cole Porter and The Beatles,is truly indicative of consummate musicianship in my book. Throughout,RT showed us what a brilliant guitarist he is, using only an amplified acoustic.DO go and see the "1000 years" show if you can---You won't see anything better anywhere this year, I venture----and that's from someone who doesn't even like Richard Thompson usually !!!