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Posted By: Richard Bridge
09-Jan-09 - 06:14 PM
Thread Name: Sng/Ssn Stoke NKent UK Sun 25Jan
Subject: Sng/Ssn Stoke NKent UK Sun 25Jan
Yowza! How's that for short title and incorporating the UK designation. How many Stokes outside the UK are there anyway?

Anyway, I spoke to Peter the landlord and he tells me that we are in fact welcome, and that people did like it. The Barmaid (well, maybe technically not a maid) tells me she was singing all afternoon and popping down to our end whenever she could. Peter (aka Shuffles) who is not the landlord regretted he missed it. Apparently others have popped in and said "Damn, wish we had known" and in one case "Did anyone do "the 7 Drunken nights" - oh yes I know who they are". So I will do some posters.

Peter the Landlord also says he not only had a hangover and a 4 am bedtime, but also the flu or he would have been more chirpy and he promises some roast tatties in dishes for the singers. I would have pressed him about the other fire as well but he was involved in a drinking contest. Also the pub was officially "shut" except to those who knew the secret knock, having a "private party" and full of cigarette smoke just like in the good old days.

Welcome to Lower Coke. A Leery atmosphere in the bar tonight, like those cowboy films where the hero enters a Mexican cantina, with low light, the men at the bar a barrage of testosterone and stubble, and the occasional woman who is plainly "along for the ride".

So on Sunday the 25th January 2009 we bring civilisation (although more "robust" songs from RuffnReddy are requested) to Lower Coke.

Starting, therefore, about opening time on Sunday the 25th January, continuing until we get fed up or alarmed by the gangsters shuffling in (or maybe people who wish to sing "Bold Robert Emmett" or "The Wind that Shakes the Barley" - people are asking why there is not more Irish music whereupon I start a dangerous political argument) there will be a mixed song session in the Nag's Head, site of one of Hogarth's orgies - ME3 9RD if you have satnav, although that's a bit timewarp for us down here with the webbed feet and the sheep in the family)

Tell you what, Woodsie's video on the other thread of our last session started looking very like the intro to some of the commercial S&M p0rn0 sites on the internet.

Carpark opposite.

Acoustics good.

Heating not so good.

I am not providing overnight cots or chili stew for Monday Breakfast (save by VERY special arrangement). Monday is a working day.

Park your machete kukri kris dirk or shank in the wood of the bar. Saturday night specials can be checked at the door.

The landlord does NOT let his guard dog out to mingle (and his new Staff (or maybe pit bull) pup is the prettiest little baby).

So - who is coming? Rejoin your roots (music) in Lower Coke!