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07-Jul-00 - 08:50 AM
Thread Name: BS: Happy Holidays, Colonials!!
Subject: RE: BS: Happy Holidays, Colonials!!
Nothing is free, man--and that includes the so-called free healthcare in the UK. I pay more a month for this 'free healthcare' than I ever did paying for medical insurance in the US. But you are right Bob jr--it is a free service--one of my closest friends had a back injury which resulted in 2 ruptured discs--very painful and dibilitating. Guess how long she was on a National Insurance waiting list to see the specialist? An entire year and three weeks passed before she could get in to see the specialist and in the time she was waiting, her own GP could only offer pain killers and sympathy. Most people I know over here are making the change to privatised medical. Infant mortality rate? I would invite you back over to Scotland or Wales to have a look at infant mortality first hand--not just reading the stats that are manipulated by political and health authorities. In this past year, meningitis has been a primary killer of kids in the area where I live in the UK --not to mention babies being born with heart disease--we've lost 2 lovely kids in the neighbourhood this past year from it. Now saying that--I also know of certain areas--specifically South Texas in the US where the infant mortality rate is terrible--probably due to polluted water supply. Anyway, I didn't write in to 'knock' the UK--I'm living here by choice and I love it--what I am saying is that on the whole--the USA is not a terrible place to live. The taxes aren't THAT terrible (no tv license fee, no 17.5% sales tax--or vat, no poll tax-which is now called the County Fund tax in which we pay taxes every month on each person living in our house, no matter if we own the house or rent it). The petrol and car taxes are a bit more--but the USA has those also--depending on which state one lives, and of course there's the NHS--which we've covered already. And no--there is no such thing as free dental over here. Ok--I'll jump down off my soap-box now :) Ta!